iPad 2

is announced today, to buy or not to buy, that is the question…. hmmm

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So… I’m engaged

Since this is a pretty important event in my life, I figured it finally deserves a new update …. probably no one reads here anymore since facebook pretty much devoures all our personal lives on there. But this is nice for my own memory =)


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Tethered T-Mobile Blackberry 9700 3G Speed Test

Testing the speed from Blackberry 9700 via USB with Tether Apps, not too bad I guess, can’t wait for the HSPA+ capable Blackberry!


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I fail…

at blogging…

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Countries Visited Part 4


visited 12 states (5.33%)

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Thank god for Venture Film clearbra

The first picture below shows what happens when you hit a tire kicked up by the car in front of you at 70mph, it cracked my fog housing, popped out my parking sensor and completely scratched up my car.


after trying out multiple scratch remover, rubbing compound, I read it on the car forum that the film maker recommends using 70% isopropyl alcohol, and it did the trick! after rubbing it for at least an hour in the 140F garage in AZ, the result is below. 90% of the scuff marks are gone, and it will be perfect if I ever remove the clearbra. What a great investment.


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What I have been doing…

Wow, just realized that I haven’t updated anything for such a long time, not sure when I’ll get around to posting all the pictures, but below is from the most recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii. 2009 reunion trip =) I’ll upload the rest whenever I get the chance!

Hawaii Reunion Crew 2009!

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Why I LUV Southwest Airlines

I rarely post videos from other sources, but this is too entertaining. They are one of the friendliest airlines I’ve been on and that’s why I almost fly them exclusively for domestic flights. Amazing talent.

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Blackberry Curve 8900 – UPDATED

[UPDATE] I was not too happy with the all black keyboard and wanted a little contrast, so I bought the silver keyboards off an AT&T version of the 8900 and put it on mine, I think it looks so much better (compared to the below image), agree? I’ve also put a black batt cover instead of the silver one from T-Mobile to make it flow better.


Second Gen Curve

My new phone, this thing is too sexy to not upgrade to from my old 8320.

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Countries/States Visited Part 3

visited 11 countries (4.88%)

Life is too hectic now to update the blog and having just came back from Japan, it is time to update my countries visited map! I should have 2 more countries knocked out by the end of this year, can’t wait.

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In Japan….

My flight to Japan from Taiwan, Eva Airway Airbus A330-200

Yup, I am in Japan, after 3 flights, I have finally landed in Kansai Airport. I’ll probably have 1000 pictures by the end of the trip, so for now, I will just post a list of things I have done

  • Went to Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Okazaki
  • Ate Fugu (blowfish) and survived in Osaka
  • Bathed with 50+ naked men then ate raw horse meat
  • Dressed up in Traditional Japanese clothes and walked around with a Maiko (apprentice Geisha)
  • Stayed in traditional Ryokan with tatami floor
  • 300km/h in a Shinkanshen
  • Asahi Beer Factory Tour, Nagoya
  • Meeting random white people after free beer tour at Asahi then visited random cities for more drinking
  • Sat in a Nissan GTR V-Spec & Club Sport Package

To be Continued…

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My To Do List: (Updated 2/2/09)

I guess it’s nice to list out what you want to complete in your life, I shall add more and more to this list but as of now: (in no particular order)

  • Egypt
  • Hug-a-Panda trip @ Chengdu, China
  • Rafting
  • Skydiving
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Drive on Autobahn, Germany – Not after Oktoberfest =)
  • Louvre Museum, Paris
  • Vatican, Rome
  • Honeymoon in Maldives
  • Stay in Burj Al Arab, Dubai and arrive on a Airbus A380
  • Snowboard in the Alps
  • Scuba diving with sharks/dolphins
  • Wine Tasting in Napa
  • Cross country drive in US
  • Visit Great Wall of China
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Howl at the Moon & karl Strauss Brewery, Universal City Walk

Immediately after McG’s, we went to meet up with more Ryan’s coworkers and friends at City Walk for Howl at the Moon Piano Bar, it was probably the “high-est” place I’ve been in a while, we had to leave the place because it was way too crowded and when we went back to it after 2 hours, it got even worse! We were forced to migrate to the brewery directly across, Karl Strauss started its brewery in San Diego and was my favorite beer in college. After this, we ended up in Jillians which I have to note myself to never go again, it became a hispanic dance club after hours, nothing wrong with it, but it gave me the chills.

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McG’s Irish Pub and Grill, Chatsworth, CA

This past weekend, I finally went to the bar that my friends have been raving about, McG’s Irish Pub and Gill in Chatsworth. We went a bit too early so the place wasn’t too crowded, it was actually a good thing as drinks came really fast and we spent a quite bit of time throwing darts. What’s good about this place was their selections of beers and of course, we drank 2 pitchers of Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse.

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Photo Catchup: After Dinner Party

That was me attempting to play with Ryan

After the company’s Christmas party at Bourbon Steak House in Scottsdale, a few of us decided it was way too early to go back, so they all came to my place for an after party of drinking and guitar heroes. I was busy making Mojitos & mixing other drinks, so again, not too many pictures especially the people that left early, sorry! Continue reading

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