Quick Updates |Twitter Style|

Inspired by Twitter, below is a quick update of what’s going on with me:

  • Car reached 80,000 miles yesterday, will have to sell it in few months.
  • Ordered Zyxel M-302 802.11b/g Extreme MIMO PCI Adapter from woot.com to extend the current range of my wireless network and reception.
  • Replaced work monitor with Samsung 19″ Widescreen LCD Display for $149.95 A/R (w/ google checkout) Too good of a deal to pass.
  • Flying back to CA to attend brother’s wedding luncheon on Saturday.
  • Taking next Monday/Tuesday off for vacation to Sedona, AZ. A roadtrip to show my uncle/family around whom is visiting from Taiwan.
  • Instead of watching the Suns vs. Spurs game on TV, I am reading it on NBA.com, looks like the Suns is going to lose.. SUNS LOST!!! 3:2 Spurs lead.
  • Listening to Linkin Park’s new album “Minutes to Midnight” It’s different than before, but I definitely like some of the new songs.
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