Loaner – Chevy HHR LT

2007 Chevy HHR LT

This is why I really don’t like Arizona BMW dealer, they charge more per hour of labor and yet they offer Hertz loaners (not to mention I still have to pay for service fee!) I don’t know what the appeal is for crossover vehicle like this, it looks more like a hearse than anything else. This is however a much better car than the Ford Taurus I got last time. Maybe one of these days, I would be the lucky few to get on the wait-list for the BMW loaner here.

[UPDATE] Dealer just called telling me that my A/C compressor is at the end of its life, to replace it? $1614.08 out the door. Why is it that every time I post about the loaner that I got, I ended up shelling out so much for car repair.

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