Windows Vista Annoyance (Solved)

I’ve been playing around Windows Vista for a few weeks and I still
cannot figure out why Microsoft decided to mess with the basic “Autoplay” functions of USB Drive. I’ve had the same issue before on Windows XP before I upgraded to Vista, but Microsoft knew the problem and created Autofix. This fixed the problem of portable drives not able to launch Autoplay on its own.

xpusb.JPG vs vistausb.jpg

In WinXP, it gave you to choice to prompt for an action via properties, but why did it disappear for Vista?

this was probably because Microsoft wanted to centralize all Autoplay functions under this neat little page


but once again, where is the freaking autoplay option for USB Drive?? As minor as this problem might be, it is still a problem, MS knowledge base is of no help, customer service costs money, and Sony support obviously has no clue about this.

If any of you know how to fix this, please share the wisdom.

[UPDATE] I fixed it!! Apparently disabling the infamous “User Account Control” in Vista somehow knocked out the ability for any removable drive to autoplay. After enabling, restarting, disabling, and restarting again seemed to do the trick, now autoplay works again. It certainly sounds more like a flaw in the OS than anything else. Therefore, I did what all nerds do, by reporting this to Microsoft.

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