How a Container is Discharged Explained in a Nutshell

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Ever wonder how millions if not billions of containers are discharged off the vessel every year? This is a quick guide in a nutshell.

cranecimg2303.jpg An overhead crane known as the “Gantry Crane” controlled by an operator that sits on the very top, it moves back and forth and picks up the container directly on top of them.

This is the guy with annual salary of more than $200k, good luck getting into this worker’s union.

Twist locking device locks into the 4 corner casts of the container

Container being lowered to bomb cart or chassis

(top) bomb cart, (bottom) chassis waiting to catch the container

A container will sit on the bomb cart for movement inside the terminal (container not secured and soon to be taken off to get stacked). A chassis is needed for transporting container to outgate the terminal, this method makes it a lot easier for the trucker to pick up the load, meaning they don’t have to wait for a stacked container to be loaded onto a chassis before they can take it.

Operator has to be extremely precise and accurate so it does not drop on people or damage the cargo

The reason behind this post is actually an excuse to test the “embedded video” and see how well it integrates into the journal.

Here is a video of Gantry Crane at work:

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