The love from my Taiwanese bro

Butt Cup

To my surprise, my homo college bro, Mr. Eric Tsai , now residing in Taiwan sent this to me along with a handwritten card wishing me birthday, what a sweet guy, If I were a girl, I would be all over him already, jk jk. What is that you ask? that’s a cup with a butt printed on it from Thailand, only he and I will understand the meaning behind this. Can’t wait to see this guy again in Taiwan in 3 weeks!

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What I am thinking… [Updated]

For those who can’t read, the center means “Love” and the surrounding means “rest”. Yes yes, I am full of love =) this site is pretty accurate and funny.

If you go here, it will display 4 words that closely describes you and too bad my version of the wordpress does not have multi-language support but mine basically means “Ideal double best // extra best // highest quality Prince” in English, that made my day! Unlike a certain robber who has a taste for stinky items 😉

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English Rose Tea Room

My boss Jojo sipping on Paris Tea

Before we went shopping, I went with my boss to one of her favorite afternoon tea house in Carefree, AZ. All the tea and pretty much everything from the English Rose Tea Room was imported from England. Despite the pink overload, the pastries, soup and tea were excellent. Not to mention there are hats and coats available for anyone who likes to dress up. Continue reading

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Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse [Updated]

The Correct One

So apparently I bought the wrong one to try, but after asking my coworker where to find these, he went and bought me one, it’s gold label vs red label, I totally didn’t see that. I almost had the urge to drink that at work.

beercimg5800 Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

From Annie, the girl supposedly doesn’t drink had recommended me to try these German beer that she had in Germany. Luckily for me, the local supermarket is a signature Frys store so they carry imported items especially alcohol so I picked 3 up at $2.49 each. Due to my pneumonia, I was only allowed one, the taste sure is very different from American beer, quite delightful and tasty. German beer is always more flavorful in taste, almost as complex as the name itself. Continue reading

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Photo Catchup: 26th Birthday

Going back in December of last year, as usual, I went back to CA to celebrate now the 5th anniversary of my 21st birthday! Everyone was busy trying to make me drunk so all the pictures were taken by my friends. Unfortunately, we spent quite a bit of time walking around looking for lost friends at Area so sorry if you aren’t on the pictures! I also spent time with other friends on the 19th because “someone” was already booked on the 20th, my camera was stuffed in my luggage so no pictures there except one from Amy’s iPhone…that I regretted taking.

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My Curse

My Hertz Rental

I don’t know what is going but I seem to have bad luck when it comes to White Lexus and December, my car was rear ended by a 2002 Jeep on 12/30 after being stuck on the freeway for 90 minutes because some car caught on fire. This isn’t the first time my year ended up with a bang, hit after the link for a remainder to everyone to drive safely. No picture of the damage since I dropped the car at the bodyshop the day after, so now I am driving around in a Silver 2009 Camry which somehow reminds me of a certain vegetable 😉 Continue reading

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NYE @ Arizona

I figure if I don’t update, I’ll be way behind of all these pictures I want to post, so here are some of the pictures from NYE party in Westgate, Glendale AZ for the 2008 Rock of Ages NYE event after a combo deal to see the Phoenix Coyotes NHL game.

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Travel Plans – End of 2008 to 2009 [Updated]

Just a self reminder:

12/19~12/21: Back to CA for birthday
12/23~12/28: Back to CA for Christmas vacation
01/16~01/18: Back to CA to visit some friends and for Will’s birthday.
01/23~01/25: Back to CA again for Yensen’s birthday
02/04 : Flight to LAX for connecting flight to Taipei
02/06~02/10: Trip to Osaka, Kyoto & Nagoya, Japan to visit Potato Princess Annie!
02/10~02/19: Trip to Taiwan for vacation

Have to go back to CA again sometimes in January and to SF to visit Taemi!

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Unexpected Money – $46

My coin wrappers finally came in today from Amazon, so I finally had time to put my coin machine to use. It turned out my 3 years of coins only equaled to $46, that was so much less than what I expected. However, with the wraps in hands, I will be scouting everywhere for those few lost coins under the seats, cushions…etc. I will for sure not to give my coins away anymore whenever I used cash for transaction, the hunt is on!

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Aftermath of Monsoon (updated)

WATER! pouring in! from bedroom window

A fortuneteller once told me in 2006 that I was going to have water leak at my new place, sure it didn’t happen that year but the unthinkable happened after a bad monsoon swept through Arizona in 2008. Continue reading

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Sony Fanboy?

I guess I am officially a Sony Fanboy? [TOP] Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB Edition, [Bottom Left] 80GB w/ Dualshock, [Bottom Right] Original 60GB.

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President Barack Obama

I do not want to get too political but America is definitely ready for changes and let’s hope that President Obama can repair the damages done in the recent years.

Last night was really a historic election, I’m glad to be part of the history. While not entirely surprised at the outcome of this election, but seeing how prop 8 in CA would pass was a bit shocking.

Mccain gave an awesome speech last night, you’ve taken it well, job well done.

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Photo Catch-Up – Dad’s 60th Birthday

2008 Smoky Granite Lexus LS460L

October 17th of 2008 marked the 60th birthday of my dad, and what’s a better way to celebrate than to surprise him with a new car. After all, no one deserved a better gift than him and we’ve always wanted to get that big bow on the car.

*not many pictures at the dinner party, as we were all too busy to…. drink 😉

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Argh, I have so much I wanted to update but I accidentally left my camera on a friend’s car so I couldn’t take any new pictures and post the ones already on it!

*It’s just so hard to go places carrying a DSLR, I miss my point and shoot.

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logitech illuminated keyboard

I have about 5 spare keyboards at home, because I can never find one that I like. Wireless ones are too slow to register my key strokes properly. I have Alienware, Microsoft Multimedia & Natural…etc. None of them can compare to the looks and feels of my new keyboard – Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

“The ultra-thin keyboard sports a full-size key layout, a transparent frame, PerfectStroke key system, soft-touch palm rest, and one-touch multimedia controls.” [Uncrate]

Continue reading

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